This world needs Jesus… more than ever!

As many of you know, CrossRoad has had quite a few members come and go. When we started, we had Gavin Towsen and Ryan Holmes on vocals, and Jonathan Digby on drums. All three left in time, and Kevin Hill joined on drums in 2013. Then 2018 saw Kev step down, and now we have Darren Clack with us on drums. Praise God, for always bringing in the right people at the right time!

Darren joined us at the beginning of the year.

We picked Darren for 3 reasons: his deep love for God, his terrific skill on the drums, and his lack of hair like the rest of us!

Our year started off slowly – we took some time off so that Darren could learn our songs. He picked them up extraordinarily quickly, and the next thing we knew we were heading off to play “There’s a Light” at various churches.

Our visit to Geduld Methodist
At Brakpan Methodist
Close to home at Boksburg Central Methodist!
Klipriver Community Church had the Bikers Church join them for the service.

We love to share our “There’s a Light” album – something about it seems to really touch people. And the words keep speaking in new ways: when the Christchurch mosque shootings happened on 15 March, Darren messaged the group saying how the words to Rich’s song “Need” kept ringing in his ears:
“This world needs Jesus, He is the only solution
This world needs Jesus, we need a spiritual revolution
This world needs Jesus, share His love with everyone
This world needs Jesus, Father let Your kingdom come!”
We hung onto those words as the shocking footage of the tragedy surfaced. Yes – we need to show the world the love of Jesus – His radical grace and compassion. No – Jesus would never use a gun and hurt the innocent.
How this world needs HIM.

Next up we got to share our “Rock of Ages” songs with St Columba’s Presbyterian Church in Hatfield. Our friend Craig Morrison is the new minister there, and he graciously invited us to spend a morning with his new congregation.

St Columba’s Prebyterian Church

What a blessing it was going back to our old songs. After all these years, Rich’s “Come Unto Me” still brings everyone to tears, and my “Never Again” talk seems as fresh as the first time I shared it. God is good!

Then we were off to eMseni for a Palm Sunday celebration service! This wasn’t in our diary, but as most of you know I head up the evening service at eMseni these days. After writing my Palm Sunday sermon on the Tuesday, I knew I had to invite the band to lead worship to follow the sermon. And so the word went out, and the numbers at the evening service doubled as we shared a powerful evening of worship together – in spite of a few power failures!

Palm Sunday at eMseni Methodist Church.

My sermon had 4 points:
– Worship is RESPONSE
– Worship is JOYFUL!
– Worship is LOUD!
And boy, when the congregation sang as the sermon ended, they proved each point to be true. What a memorable night.

And so 2019 has been a blast so far. Our dates are just about booked out for the year! Keep an eye on our calendar and our Facebook page, and we’d love to see you at a church we visit.

God bless and keep walking with the King!