Songs of grace and glory

We’ve booked out our 2018 playing 3 weekends a month, and leaving one to rest and spend time with family. God is good, and the dates booked up quickly this year, for which we are grateful. We are consistently blown away at the fact that we get to do this. We aren’t professional musicians, we all have day jobs. Yet, somehow God chose us to do CrossRoad, and to travel about with songs of grace and glory. What an honour. What a privilege!


Geduld Methodist Church

After an unfortunate cancellation of our much looked forward to Three Rivers trip, we were looking to fill a gap in our calendar, and ended up visiting Geduld Methodist for the first time. Kevin, as you know, is a Springs resident, and so he was a little less groggy when we arrived early to set up!

As always during a first visit, we played songs from Rock of Ages Revisited and I shared the Never Again talk. We were blown away at the way the congregation responded to our songs. They sang loudly. They clapped. They were expressive. Now, of course you can worship without doing those things – it’s a matter of the heart. But we could sense their genuine worshipping hearts as we sang great hymns together and as the people listened attentively to the songs. What a morning.

A big thanks to Pastor Jonathan Coates for the invite! We will be back with more songs soon.


Alberton Methodist Breakfast

We first played a breakfast at Alberton Methodist at least 4 years ago. Ever since we have been back once a year to sing our songs, and we always love it! Great food, great fellowship, great people… all serving an incomparably GREAT God.

Of course this year our friend Rev Jeff Van Der Spuy has become the minister at AMC, so it was fantastic to see him again.

Instead of playing the whole There’s a Light album, we decided to trim it down and talk a little more about the songs, reading Scripture and praying in between. After all, we’ll be back at AMC in August to sing the songs at the morning services. So we did it a little differently here, and enjoyed every moment.

Thanks to Les Lotter for inviting us back again, we appreciate the kindness!


Primrose Methodist Church

Our last stop for the month was at Primrose Methodist. This is another congregation that we so enjoy singing with! Sadly Linda who arranged it all was sick and we didn’t get to see her.

But both morning services soaked in the songs and we had a real sense of God’s presence with us as we sang. We had prayed earlier that God draw people to him, break chains and set people free through the songs. How He chose to move, we don’t know. But He was there, and we all knew it!



We’d love to see you at one of these places:

3 June, Brakpan Methodist 09:00
10 June, Trinity Methodist Pretoria, 09:00
17 June, Trinity Community Church Sunward Park, 07:45 and 09:30

15 July, Heidelberg Methodist, 08:00 and 09:30
22 July, Nigel Methodist, 09:00


Thanks for your ongoing support and prayer.

Keep shining His Light!