Cold windy mornings!

August is just about done, and we’ve been out and about with our music as usual. The early mornings weren’t so easy, with the icy August winds, but we brave it because we love what we do! Still, we’re grateful for small gifts like beanies and gloves and scarves. God is good. We are privileged.


Emseni Methodist

We started our month at Emseni Methodist, playing Walking With the King at the 9am service. We’ve had a long relationship with Emseni, and it was a treat to be back to play our songs! This was a baptism service, and so the church was packed, and we had the opportunity to play to some new faces.

What a great way to spend a Sunday morning! The people were lively and excitable, and we sang and played with all our hearts. At the end of the service, Bill spoke to the fact that our songs have “depth”, and that really meant a lot to us. We don’t want to just be a rock and roll band. Our earnest desire is to write songs that glorify God, and that encourage and challenge people in love. If our songs have no depth to them, we may as well sleep in on a Sunday!

We’re visiting Emseni twice more this year: to sing our songs from “A New Beginning” on 11 November, and to play carols on 24 December. Benoni/Kempton people, we hope to see you there.


Aldersgate Methodist

Next we were back at Aldersgate Methodist, to share our Walking With the King songs with both services. Up early to set up at 6am, we were running on faith and coffee as we got ready to do what we do.


Ready to sing!

Posted by CrossRoad on Saturday, August 19, 2017

As we sometimes do, we played an edited set at the early service, where we need to finish fairly quickly. So we started off with Even So, and skipped a few of the longer songs, ending on Doug’s Hammer No More. The congregation was a little shocked by the sudden passing of one of their members, which was announced early in the service, and so we felt a special sense of meaning when we sang words like “death has no say, the grave is empty, Jesus the Saviour has won”, and “no mountain’s too high with my God, no road is too long”.

I realized once again, that we never know which lyrics might resonate with someone on any given day. How many people have heard those same lyrics and been encouraged, without us knowing? How many have needed to know that he walked a mile in their shoes? How many have heard at just the right time that He loves them “even so”? How many have needed the reminder that they “have a friend who’s with [them] to the end”, carrying their burdens for them? But we don’t need to know. That’s between the listener and God. We’re just grateful that our gifts can be used in this way.

At 9:30 we went back to our full Walking with the King set. The congregation was very enthusiastic, and sang Soldiers with great excitement, swayed happily to My Poor Heart, and listened intently to Walked a Mile and Endless Mercy. Finishing off with Walking with the King, they danced and clapped with joy, and we packed up feeling celebratory and quite encouraged.

A big thank you to Rev Jeanette for her willingness to let us take the services, as well as Irene and Biffy for all the help!


New album

We are coming along nicely with our new album “There’s a Light”, and we’re really excited to share these new songs with you all! The album should be out in January… But we’ll release a single or two in the next few months, to give you all a taste of what we’ve been up to.


In the meantime, we are getting busy again. Here’s our schedule for the next month or two:

3 Sept: St Ninians Presbyterian 09:30

10 Sept: Pretoria Wesleyan Church, 09:00

17 Sept: Randpark Ridge United, 08:00 and 09:30

30 Sept: Nigel Methodist Church fete


1 Oct: Boksburg Methodist, 08:30

7 Oct: Heidelberg Glory Festival 14:00

22 Oct: Primrose Methodist 08:00 and 09:30


Have a blessed time worshipping, and we’ll see you in church!