Back Home Again

It’s been a strange year for us – we’ve hardly practised. It seems week after week, one out the four of us gets caught up in work or studies or meetings or sickness and we have to cancel. Thankfully we’ve been doing songs we know very well, so we’ve been able to get by.

But it still sucks!

Despite this, however, it’s been a memorable year playing “There’s a Light” at churches all over. We love these songs, and we are so grateful to see how God can use them to draw people to Himself.

Brakpan Methodist Church

We started June with a visit to Brakpan Methodist. This is a church we visited ages ago – before we left Trinity to travel around. I could only vaguely remember that visit, and so this time it felt as if it was our first time being there!

Somehow there was a mix-up, and we had the times all wrong. As many of you know, we usually ask for 2 hours to get set up and warmed up before a service. Thinking the service started at 9, we arrived just after 7, and waiting around a little for the church to open up. At about 7:40 we were still sleepily carrying our gear in, and noticing some people arrive, I casually asked “the service is at 9 right?”

Wrong! The service started at 8, and suddenly we had 20 minutes instead of 80.

Well, you’ve never seen us move so fast! We rushed around and managed to get all set to start at about 9:05.

We shared songs from “Rock of Ages”, and I did the old “Never Again” talk. We felt rushed and unprepared, and it seemed like a million things went wrong from our side. But as always, God seems to work best when you relinquish control, and while we felt uncomfortable with it all, the people seemed to have a wonderful time of worship. We had some fantastic comments after of the hope and challenge people found in our message.

We left in awe of how God works!


Trinity Methodist Pretoria

Next we were off to another church for the first time: Trinity in Pretoria. Barbara Bosman saw us when we at Aldersgate Methodist, and Garsfontein Wesleyan, and invited us to the aptly named “Trinity” – 3 Methodist churches combined into one and meeting in Hercules.

Well, this was a morning to remember! Even with our in-ear monitors, we could hear the people belting out their praise as we rocked “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “To God Be the Glory”. Here’s a video someone took from the pews.

What moved us most, however, was the emotional response people seemed to have to the 2 big ballads – “Come Unto Me”, and “Never Again”. There were many tears, and a lot of people seemed to re-connect with God in a powerful way as they heard the words of the songs. So many people came to us after the service to say thank you, and to say how the morning had been a kind of new beginning for them.

All glory to God. He works in a mysterious way!

Thanks Barbara for setting this one up – we’re most excited to be back in 2019 with some new music.


Trinity Sunward Park

Our last stop for the month was at the place it all started for us: Trinity Sunward! Rich started a worship team there in the 2000s called “Rock of Ages”. My sister (who now does our sound) joined the team on guitar. I joined later on the drums, and soon moved over to the keys. A little while later Rich took a break and I began to lead, and then Rich came back on guitar and we started again – settling on the name CrossRoad and travelling around from church to church.

Since then we’ve hardly been back to Trinity, apart from the Brothers in Christ group that meets on a Friday morning. So we were most excited when our friend Troye confirmed that we could come and share “There’s a Light” on Father’s Day.

What a great morning we had. We went through our whole album and shared the songs and stories. As always, “Saviour Jesus” was a powerful moment – at both services:

“Come to the cross and see the nails
The God of all the universe lying still
The sins of all the world piled upon Him there
The prophecies of ages all fulfilled”

Deep stuff, and the people were engrossed. They sang along to “Our Father” excitedly, and loved our hard rocking “Lamb of God”. And all the while, it felt as if we’d never left – as if we had been there last week leading worship! I guess it will always be home to us in a way.

A big thanks to Troye for making this one happen – we’re hoping to be back to do some carols soon!



We’re taking our usual break for the July holidays, and then we’re back at it. We’re really looking forward to a Howick trip in August!
Sun 15 July: “There’s a Light” at Heidelberg Methodist 08:00 and 09:30
Sun 22 July: “There’s a Light” at Nigel Methodist 09:00
Sun 5 August: “Rock of Ages” at Howick Presbyterian 09:00; Worship evening at Hilton Methodist 18:00
Sun 12 August: “There’s a Light” at Alberton Methodist 08:00 and 09:30
Sun 19 August: “There’s a Light” at Hillside Community Church 08:00 and 09:30

Thanks for the support everyone.

Keep shining His light!