April 2018: Shining in the darkness

The year has run away with us! Suddenly it is April, and we are about to head into our busy season.

Witfield Methodist
February saw us visit some old friends at Witfield Methodist Church with our new album. We’re always grateful to be back at Witfield – Dawn and the congregation have always supported us and we love singing with them.
What a time we had! The songs off the new album are fresh and challenging, and we are seeing God work in them. Again, Saviour Jesus has a massive impact at the end… and the people really enjoy the celebratory Jesus is Alive!


Next we visited Klipriver Community Church for the first time. As always, we play songs from our Rock of Ages album during a first visit, and after spending so long doing There’s a Light, it was quite refreshing to go back and play our old stuff!
We’ve added Battle Hymn of the Republic into this set, which really gets everybody on their feet praising. Then as we get down to Come Unto Me and Never Again, God starts pushing people’s buttons. I shared the Never Again talk that so many of you have heard, and we ended off with the always powerful How Great Thou Art.
Great people, great morning! We are very much looking forward to going back in December with our Christmas album.


Elsburg Methodist
Feb ended with a visit to some more old friends of ours: Elsburg Methodist. Small in size, loud in voice! The little church is always packed to the rafters and they sing, oh they sing!
Elsburg is around the corner from St Catherine’s School, whose choir sang on There’s a Light. And of course, silly me, I forgot to tell them! The one church where there might have actually been kids from that choir in the congregation, and I forgot to mention it. Brilliant.
Nonetheless, we had a fantastic morning. There was joy, there were tears – it was a celebration and a deep moment of worship all at once.

Bethlehem Methodist
March was a quiet month, but we had one important gig: a road trip out to our friends in Bethlehem! So we clamoured into 2 bakkies, piled all our equipment in and off we went.
Oh what a memorable weekend! After setting up our equipment, we headed over to Lyda’s house for a fantastic dinner with her family and Dick the minister and his wife. Great food, great company, great conversation. It doesn’t get much better.
We spent the night at a marvellous BnB with a stunning view, and were treated to a lovely home-made breakfast in the morning (after a long night of an epic Phase 10 game).
Then off we went to sing, and we worshipped with all we had.
A big thanks to Lyda and everyone else who organized our visit – this is one we won’t ever forget!


Easter at eMseni
As many of you know, I work part-time at eMseni Methodist nowadays, running the evening service, and preaching whenever the band isn’t playing in the mornings! And so I was excited to bring the guys around for a worship celebration on Easter Sunday night. We thought it would be a great way to end the week, and it absolutely was.
We thoroughly enjoyed singing some worship covers for a change, instead of just our own songs. We learned This I Believe, What a Beautiful Name, Man of Sorrows, Glorious Day and others, and we all sang together as one family of believers in response to the cross and the empty grave.
We all agreed that it was a highlight of our year. We’ve always had the desire to write songs that aren’t necessarily congregational – songs that tell His story and challenge people. But this Easter, singing these songs, reminded us of the great joy of singing together with the people.


Coming up next
April and May are looking quite busy for us! We are sharing our new album at these churches:

15 April: Brackenhurst Methodist 08:00 and 09:30
22 April: Randpark Ridge United 08:00 and 09:30
6 May: Three Rivers Methodist Church 08:00 and 09:30
12 May: Alberton Methodist Men’s breakfast 07:00
27 May: Primrose Methodist 08:00 and 09:30

Do come along! It will be good to see you.

Thanks again for all the support you all have shown us over the years. Keep walking is His light.
God bless,