2018: There’s a Light

2018 has begun and we have finally released our new album There’s a Light!

Here’s the cover:


And here’s a promo video with some more info:


CD launch

We had a great start to the year with a private launch function for the new cd. We had about 90 people – all friends and family, and we spent a fantastic evening sharing the new songs and telling all the stories behind them as we went.
A big thank you to our families for helping with all the organizing for this event, and for your support as we recorded this new album. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our prayers in the weeks leading up to the launch of the album included something unusual for us. We prayed that God would draw people to him for the first time as we played the songs. Normally, because we lead at churches week after week, we don’t often pray for people to be saved as we sing. Yet this time there was a desire in us for God to use these songs not just to encourage and challenge the already-saved, but for Him to truly reveal himself to people that they may come to know His saving love for the first time. And it happened! In particular, songs like “There’s a Light” “Coming Home“, “This is Real Love” and “Saviour Jesus” seemed to have a profound impact on some of our friends and family who aren’t church-goers.

This has really spurred us on to pray these prayers more often. Oh, what a great honour and joy to use our gifts for this great purpose!

St Francis Anglican
The very next morning we headed off to St Francis Anglican in Meyersdal to play the same set of songs. This would be our first time playing the songs for a church congregation, and we had prayed consistently over the months leading up to 2018 that the songs would comfort and challenge all who heard them.

What a great morning we had, and a big thanks to Father Reggie for the love and support which he showed us. He was one of the first people to really believe in us, when we visited St Francis for the first time very early in our journey. And so to come back and share this album with this community was a great joy!


Edenvale BIC
The following Friday morning I was back at the Edenvale BIC (a year to the week after my last visit!) to share the new songs. This group has always been very special to us, as they have supported us in a big way and always been excited for us to come and share our songs. This week was no different, and I went along by myself, armed with backtracks of the band playing the songs so that they guys could at least here the powerful arrangements we had worked on.

Well, just before we started, I had a power supply malfunction, which meant I couldn’t use the backtracks. I was crushed – how could I play these songs in a meaningful way without the power of the full band?

That was some band thinking. Because of course, God’s moving in the songs has little to do with the music. Yes, we play to the best of our ability to glorify Him. But it’s the power of God that does the work, not the power of the band. How could I forget?

I played the songs by myself, and God worked. No backtracks needed. And He got the glory!

Thanks again to Dave Stewart for always inviting me along, the support is very much appreciated.

Trinity United Norkem
Then on Sunday it was time for the full band to play the songs again, this time at Trinity United Norkem Park. We’ve played there many times, and it was lovely to be back and see some familiar faces.

We played both morning services, and the people sang along wonderfully to “Need” and “Our Father“. The ballads had a huge impact, and we are starting to see that “Saviour Jesus” is probably the most impactful song on the album. Then they went crazy with us at the end of “Jesus is Alive“, and we all left on such a high note, celebrating our great God’s resurrection and power.


We are packed out for the first half of the year already, and we are excited to be travelling to Witfield, Klipriver and Elsburg in Feb. Check out all the details on our “events” section of the website, and we hope to see you there.

Thank you ALL for your great support over the year. We reallly hope you find the new album to be a blessing.

God bless, and keep shining His light!