2018 come and gone

Just like that, the year is over!

We had a busy time in November and December. Here are some of the places we headed to:

Willows Methodist Church

Now, as you can see, Kevin wasn’t with us for most of these. Sadly Kevin has left CrossRoad, and is on to other things. What a loss this is to us! We wish Kevin all the best, and we know we will always be the best of mates.

And so 2018 comes to an end. We will keep you posted about 2019. As many of you know, I am hoping to candidate for the Methodist ministry in 2020, and so in 2021 I’ll be off to Pietermaritzburg to the Methodist Seminary to complete my training. So we have at least 2 more years to carry on in the form we are.
We’re working on a new album, and we’ll announce our new drummer in the new year!

Until then, be blessed and know we are praying for you all. 2019, here we come!