Walking With the King: launching away

Well the new album came out at the beginning of September, and it seems you all love it!

We’ve been doing cd launches at a bunch of churches that know us, and each one has been sheer joy. We knew these songs would touch people’s hearts. And they have. Really they have.

We kicked the album off at Kempton Park Methodist – which is where we play once a month. I wish you could have seen it – there were two little guys in the front row, and when we started with “Holy Party” these two just flew out of their chairs and started dancing about (remember King David and his undignified leaping and dancing before God in 2 Samuel? This was as close as you’ll get!) and soon the congregation joined in, clapping and singing along. A favourite was “Soldiers”, which is a call-and-response army type song, and the people lifted the roof! Awesome.

Then we headed out to Benoni Central Methodist, which is where we played our first ever concert back in 2009! Rev Derek Wilson was the guest preacher and he kindly let us do our whole album at the 10am service. We always love playing at BCMC, where the people love to sing and always let go and worship freely. It was a special time.

We played a few breakfasts too, the Germiston and Edenvale Brothers in Christ groups were very supportive and really got stuck into the songs. And one of the highlights for us was our morning spent at Alberton Methodist.

Alberton Methodist has a special place in our hearts. The first time we played there a man stood up and shared about how our song “Never Again” had completely turned his friend’s life around, just weeks before he passed away. It was the first time that we really saw what an impact this music that God gives us can have.

So we were excited to be back, and we had a wonderful time of worship (and a very nice breakfast too!). Let me send a shout out to Les Lotter who organizes the AMC breakfast, for always inviting us and treating us with such grace and hospitality. Thanks Les!

Now, as we launched this album at all these places, we soon found that there’s a song here that really seems to hit home with people. After every service people say to us “that song! That really got to me.” It’s the only cover on the album, written by our friend Doug Ray over in America. It’s called Hammer No More.

Watch this space for a little video feature we’re working on about this song. Because there’s something about it! Thanks Doug for letting us record it. We feel honoured to be singing such a wonderful, powerful song. God is good.

We also spent a fantastic Sunday morning at Meyerton Methodist Church, where we sang some songs from our Rock of Ages album, and I shared my “Never Again” talk. We’re so looking forward to being back there in the New Year to play the new album! Thanks Rev Jeff for letting us do our thing. All glory to God!

And so we’re all set for the next few launches:
Sun 12 Oct: Heidelberg Methodist Church 08h00,09h30
Sun 19 Oct: Trinity United Church Norkem Park, 09h30
Sun 26 Oct: Nigel Methodist Church 09h00
Sun 9 Nov: Hillside Methodist Community Church Edenvale, 08h00, 09h30
Sun 23 Nov: St Francis Anglican Church, Meyersdal 09h30
Sun 30 Nov: Witfield Methodist Church, Boksburg 09h00

Hope to see some of you there! Come chat to us after.

Final thought: are you walking close to the King this week? Are you spending time in his presence? Try it. It’ll change your life.

God bless you guys