Rising up in prayer

2016. Already. How about that!

We had a great time in December going playing our Christmas album all around. It’s something we’d been wanting to do for a few years, and to finally have that album out for you all to hear and enjoy is really a blessing for us. Hope you all enjoyed it – for the one month that you could listen to it!

Our home carols service was a great success – a record turnout meant our back garden was quite packed, and we played hard and everyone sang loudly and had a blast! These are evenings that we always remember.

Another stand out was our evening at the Four Seasons in Heidelberg. A great little venue, we had a brilliant night singing along with the good people of Heidelberg Methodist.

We also played All Saints Anglican in Primrose, where we got to say cheers to a wonderful friend Father Des. Thanks for all the support Father Des, maybe one day soon we’ll come play Rock of Ages for your new congregation in Aus!


Now, you may have heard about our car accident.

We were on our way to Nigel Methodist Church to play some carols from our new cd. As we sat waiting at the robot, a car came flying through a red light, smashed a car turning into the intersection, and then veered straight into us!

As we sat stunned with a car jammed into us, the driver jumped out and screamed, “my car! My car, oh no my car!”

We didn’t even know if the lady in the other car was ok. Thankfully she was, nobody was injured. A miracle.

But as I reflected on the accident throughout the day, I couldn’t help but think, “may I never put my treasure in material things”.

This was such an obvious  reminder of Jesus’ words in Matthew 6: 19“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. 20Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. 21Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”

People of God, let us always find our treasure in Christ, and in Christ alone!

And so our bakkie was written off – those of you who have our A New Beginning cd will see a pic of the bakkie on the inside cover, behind the disc. But God is good, God always provides in our time of need, and soon you’ll see us jetting around in our new smaller bakkie!



As you probably know by now, we’ve been invited to go to the USA this year for a few weeks to play our music and tour some local churches over there. What a blessing! And so we’ve been raising the funds to pay for our tickets – all the Born in Bethlehem sales have gone towards this.

We were just about there… and then the Rand started slipping, and now we find ourselves a little further back then we hoped.

And so this year we’re continuing to raise the funds to get us over there to share these songs with some new people.

But, importantly, we had a realization.

Instead of this year being “the year we go the USA!”, we’ve decided that this will be the year that we as a band rise up in prayer.

Persistent, patient, powerful prayer.

We’ve turned our studio into our War Room (if you haven’t seen the movie, do it! Here’s the trailer) and we’re rising up and praying like our lives depend on it – which of course, they do.

USA trip or not, this year we are heading out as soldiers of the Cross, to fight the good fight and shine Christ’s light at all costs.

And so this is our prayer for you too – that 2016 will be the year you rise up in prayer, and find your treasure in our great, great God.

We’ll see you round at a church near you – keep checking our Facebook and website for dates 🙂

Be blessed guys!

Luke, Rich, Rich and Kevin