New Day’s Resolutions

2014 was our best year yet.

New churches, new music, new people. We were busier than ever, and had such a great time recording and then travelling around with our new album, Walking With the King.

Now it’s 2015 and we’re all set to keep on going where God sends us.

I’ve decided that instead of having new years resolutions this year, I’ve got new day’s resolutions. Ideals to live by and stick to, day in and day out. Every morning. God stuff. Here they are:

1)  Lose fear, step out in faith

2) Let go of worry, and pray more.

3) Stop complaining, and have a grateful spirit.

4) Let go of bitterness; be compassionate and forgiving.

5) Spend time alone with God every day.

It’s in Christ that we find life, and life in all its fullness. In Christ alone my hope is found!

What are your God resolutions this year?

When we come to visit your church, be sure to tell me.


Keep your eyes on Him!