May… the Lord Bless and Keep You

I’m really enjoying Chris Tomlin’s facebook updates lately. Check these out:

“Worship is an incredible privilege, not a religious duty.”

“Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us more than the Christ within us. —A.W. Tozer // Our hope isn’t in the songs, the quality of the music or in the experience. It’s only in Jesus.”

“Every challenge is an opportunity to trust God. He’s with you & He loves you!”

Great reminders that IT”S NOT ABOUT THE MUSIC. It’s about Jesus. We could be the best muso’s in the world but without a heart for Christ… It’d be pointless.

He’s been good to us lately, so good! We were at Nigel Methodist Church at the beginning of May, and we were overwhelmed by the way we were welcomed. It’ll always be a special memory of ours. We opened with Rock of Ages (as always!) which got the people dancing about… And later we played Never Again and I spoke about the song. It’s the type of talk that comes out differently every time, and on this day it had an extraordinary impact. God has an amazing way of just catering to the people’s needs at exactly the right time. Incredible.

The next two weekends we spent at Emseni – first for the ladies weekend, where we lead a rather raucous session of worship on Saturday night. There was a great amount of dancing and hands waving around… I was kind of tempted to move out from behind the keyboard and join the fun! But that wouldn’t have worked. Plus, I was having a ball from where I was.

At the end I spoke about a song called “Covered in Mercy”, a Good Friday song that I wrote about 5 years ago. One of my favourites still.

Then at the end of the month, CrossRoad Lite played at a service at Emseni Methodist. Just my dad and I on this occasion, which was really special. Of course Derek Wilson is my own spiritual mentor and so hearing him preach was a wonderful gift. Being at Emseni is like rolling back the years to when we started with Derek at Trinity!

luke cd - just a manOur new album has a title now, “Walking With the King”. We’ve got 2 more songs to record, which we should finish up this month, and then the cd will be out and ready in August! I am so excited to start playing these songs. They are life-changers!

And so until next time, keep rocking for Jesus 🙂