It’s a holy party… and we’re having a ball!

Trinity 33:3, who played at last weekend’s praise party, base their name on this verse from the Psalms:

“Sing to Him a new song; Play skilfully with a shout of joy.” (NIV)

I love how The Message phrases verses 1-3:

“Good people, cheer God!
Right-living people sound best when praising.
Use guitars to reinforce your Hallelujahs!
Play his praise on a grand piano!
Invent your own new song to him;
give him a trumpet fanfare.”

And this is exactly what happened on Saturday at the praise party! Three bands cheering God, playing skilfully and leading the people of God in joyful praise. It was wild. If you missed it, you missed out big time.

The evening was entitled “Let Everything That Has Breath Praise the Lord”, and was organised as a fundraiser for the Son Valley Emmaus/Chrysalis community (if you don’t know what that means, head on over to this website and have a look around… This is an awesome ministry and God does the most amazing things on these weekends. Check it!)

We were on first and we started out with a new song called Holy Party, which will be on our new album. It’s a crazy praise song and it was a great way to open things we felt. The words just kicked it off:

“Have you heard what they say, have you heard the Good News?
You don’t wanna stay away, you don’t wanna refuse!
So come gather in the hallways and in the churchyard
There’s a mighty celebration in the house of God!”

It was the first time we played the song live, and man it rocked. We’re doing it again tonight in fact. But more about that later.

Then we did some standard popular praise stuff for everyone to sing… And it was insane. We launched into My Redeemer Lives, and the people just went crazy and started dancing and making noise. Then Undignified was exactly that – wild and undignified. Not quite like David’s half-naked thing in 2 Samuel… But not far off!

As usual How Great Thou Art was deep and moving, and then we sang Rich’s song “A Picture of Your Love” which we haven’t done in AGES… Some of his best lyrics here:

“It was only when I reached out with Your love
That the picture of Your love became clear to all.”

We finished our set with the light-hearted “Sinner’s Blues” and the ol’ favourite “Rock of Ages”, and as we stood around outside cooling down we said to each other, “THAT was awesome. If only we could have kept on going for another hour!”


Here’s us looking super cheesy. Thanks Megan for the pic!


GPS were up next, and they led the people forward with some fantastic worship songs, my favourite of which was Hillsong’s “Lead Me To The Cross”. They also did cool covers of “Bed are Burning” and “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” with God words. Great stuff!

Then to finish we had Trinity 33:3 leading at their home church. There were some tender moments in songs like “Breathe”, and some fun moments like the South African classic “Ons Koning Kom”. The final song was a good old Emmaus favourite “Shine Jesus Shine”. Awesome way to close the evening!

The event was held at Trinity Community Church in Boksburg, which is where it all began for us. So it was great being back to our roots and seeing some familiar faces. (I almost said old faces but decided against it.)

The next morning we were up early to lead at Kempton Park Methodist, and in stark contrast to the night before, we played a gentle, deep set of songs – nothing undignified here! And God, as He does, just took the music and used it in a special way. We did “All Heaven Declares” and “Morning Has Broken” (the Cat Stevens way), and one we haven’t done for years “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns (anyone else excited to see them in South Africa shortly???)

We’ve decided to go unplugged more often at KPMC now in fact. Sometimes you don’t have to be jumping around to praise God with all you’ve got.

Busy weekend of music! But what else could you want out of your weekend?

Tonight we’re at Genesis Family Church in Kempton Park, and we’re gonna make a whole lotta noise for their youth. Then Sunday night we’re doing a celebration service which is also gonna be pretty loud. Remember Psalm 33:1-3? Yeah. Like that.

The new album is coming along, we’ve done 5 songs already and hopefully we’ll be through a few more by the end of April. Some powerful songs here… Cannot wait to have it out for you guys to listen to!

God bless you guys. Remember, think Jesus. We’re His hands. We’re His feet.