In Sickness and in Health

It’s been a strange year for us. All four of us have been in hospital this year.

It started with me (Luke) going in for a hernia op. All went well – plus the other guys had to carry my keyboard around for me for a few months. I wasn’t complaining.

Then Kevin picked up a virus of some kind that had him out of action for days.

Then Rich (guitar) was found sprawled out in agony with a kidney stone. No practice that Tuesday.

And then Rich (bass) caught what we assume is the same virus Kevin got. Must be a drum and bass thing.

Then just when we were all recovered and starting to remember how to play again, Kev and Rich both got hit with the flu.

We’re under attack! Or so it seems.

But God IS good, and he is with us even as we lie in bed recovering. Don’t you just love that verse in Psalm 23 – “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me”. Those are familiar words, but when you think about them, man they’re powerful.

In between all the sickness we’ve had some really wonderful times of worship. In Feb we spent a night at our old home Trinity Sunward. Walking in there and sitting at that piano stills feels like home to me! We had a great time singing our new songs and connecting with some old and some new faces.

In March we went to Meyerton Methodist to share our new album. What a special morning. God worked through the songs like only He can, and so many people came to us to say how touched they were by the music. That’s what it’s all about – GOD, and people finding HIM in the music.

The week after we were at Touch the Flame Ministries in Germiston. Now, the song “Holy Party” was written with this congregation in mind, because whenever we play there, the people worship and dance with such freedom that it’s really a party for Jesus. That’s why we love going back – there’s a passion in that hall and in those people that we just love experiencing. And this service was no different.

We were back at Meyerton on Good Friday for a poignant and powerful service. Our good friend Nadine Burness sang with us, and when she sang Nicole Nordeman’s “Why”, there was hardly a dry eye. We also love singing “Hammer No More” on Good Friday. What a moving song.

And lastly, we spent a few evenings at Emseni Methodist. Our old friend (and my mentor) Derek Wilson started an evening service there once a month, and we’ll be leading worship for the services. So please feel free to come down to Emseni at 6pm on the last Sunday of the month, and worship with us. It feels almost like the old days at Trinity!

In other news, let’s see.. we’re busy recording our Christmas album which will be out later this year. You’re gonna want to get your hands on this one – who can resist a rock n roll Christmas, I ask you!?

Here’s what we’re up to in the next little while:

Sun 19 April: Boksburg Baptist Church, 09h30

Sun 26 April: Emseni Methodist, 18h00

Sun 3 May: Randburg Methodist Church, 07h45 and 09h30


We hope to see you guys around. Your love and support mean so much to us.

God bless


PS: prayers for these health issues we’re facing would be much appreciated 😉 thanks!