Heidelberg – Feb 2014 (pt 2)

Back home in Boksburg now, so I can finally use my laptop. Typing on a tablet sucks! Just saying.

Today was one of those special days that you just know you’ll never forget. It all just fell into place – God doing His thing, of course.

After a wonderful breakfast, we headed out to the church to get ourselves warmed up for the service. Playing the early service at a Methodist church is always interesting – do we use drums? Do we tone down completely? Do we just take down some distortion on the guitars? Do we cut out all the backward somersaults and break dancing and Deep Purple screams?

Turns out we just decided to pull back on some of Rich’s distortion, to hopefully convince people not to walk out 3 bars into Rock of Ages.

We shared a lovely prayer with the leadership of HMC and then the bell rang and the service began at 8 o clock sharp. And hallelujah! No walkers during Rock of Ages. Instead we were excited to see the people clapping and singing along. This is what it’s all about!

Rev Ray Goddess introduced us warmly, although I think he was a bit afraid of us because we’re from Boksburg… … But we felt so welcomed and taken care of, it was already starting to feel a bit like home.

Worship was special. The congregation just clicked into what we were doing, and people were raising their hands and really worshiping deeply. As usual, How Great Thou Art had the tears flowing. There’s something about that song…

And then we sang Never Again, and I told the story behind the song. I had to cut it short sadly, because of time constraints, but still it went well. The congregation was so kind and friendly to us afterwards, and then suddenly it was 09h30, and we had to dash in to start the next service.

It was packed. There were people everywhere. Rich turned up the distortion and we flew into Rock of Ages – except I’d switched my mike off and so no one heard the first few lines. Blonde moment.

Again, worship was deep. Again, How Great Thou Art was the one that moved us all. I’m grateful we got to record that song, because there is something so special about it. I think it really sums up all that CrossRoad is about. Maybe that’s why we always play it with a bit of extra heart…

And Never Again was awesome. I seemed to get into a zone and the words all came freely. The congregation seemed deeply touched, and as I finished Ray launched into one of the most powerful prayers I’ve heard, and it all just took us all to the next level. Emotions were running high as we shared and reflected on this wonderful love and mercy God gives us through Jesus. Isaiah 1:18 – read it!!!

God was so real, and the Spirit so tangible in that moment – you kind of wanted to capture it and put it into a bottle so you could let some out every morning. A holy moment – an unforgettable moment.

And then we closed off with God is Good – always a big ending. By the time we finished, everyone in that building was flying!

Yep, it sure was one of those weekend that we’ll never forget. This is why we do this – those moments when God just pours Himself out. You don’t wanna miss those moments!

Our deep gratitude goes to Israel and Marleen and Ray who welcomed us with such love and care. We’re looking forward to being back to share with you all again! I’m looking forward to another cup of German tea. It’s always tea time.

Pics coming soon… In the meantime, we’re writing songs for the new album. Exciting times!