Heidelberg – Feb 2014 (pt 1)

Here I am, lying in bed in a quaint old cottage in Heidelberg, thinking, “Gee, we’ve come a long way!”

CrossRoad has been around for a while now. I joined the youth band (then called Rock of Ages) at Trinity Community Church, Sunward Park, in the year 2006. I was a confirmand, and on our mid year camp the band was short of a drummer. So I filled in (bad pun, I know!!) Soon after I migrated to second keyboard, where I’d play strings while Matthew, our first keyboardist, was on piano.

By mid 2009 we’d become CrossRoad, I was leading at the piano, and God said “Take your music, and go!!!” and since then we’ve been traveling about, leading worship and ministering at different churches in Gauteng. And it has been crazy. God, as usual, has done things we wouldn’t have dreamed of.

And now here we are, spending the night in Heidelberg, ready to do what we do at both services tomorrow morning. Heidelberg Methodist Church is a beautiful old building, with a sign outside saying ‘This building was opened in 1895 – To God be the Glory!’, although it seems the building was built much earlier and had been used as a church for many years before that even.

But of course the church isn’t the building, it’s the people! And we’ve been welcomed here like family. After setting up and doing some sound checks, we were blessed to share dinner at the home of the youth pastor at HMC, Israel, and his family. What a lovely time of sharing, talking and laughing as brothers and sisters. This is one of the coolest thing about God, I think… this morning we hadn’t met; now we are family.

Next it was off to our lodging for the night, the lovely ‘Rose Cottage’. It feels like we’ve stepped back in time to the early 20th century – old furnishings, beautiful kitchen, grandfather clocks and a few cute Scottish terriors. We were showed around by the lovely owner, Marleen, and then it was tea time (though to be fair, it’s alwys tea time). I had an incredible cup of German fruit tea (from Heidelberg perhaps?)… while the other guys all had coffee (at 10pm? Good luck sleeping!). Then the serious business began – namely Death Scrabble!

This started when I saw this video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw4ztyeOzNQ

Now wherever we go, we play. Usually it’s early in the morning, once we’ve set up, we head to the nearest KFC, grab a cup of coffee, and whip out the Scrabble. And it gets mean.

Tonight was my night – somehow I managed to hit triple word scores everywhere, much to Rich’s frustration. Biggest word of the night was ‘squash’ for 51 points. Turns out Words With Friends has its advantages…

Now we’ve all hit the sack, and it’s 12:13. Gotta be up for breakfast at 6:15… Lights out!