He is alive!!!

“Thank you Lord for casting our sins into the deepest sea. And that sea is the blood of Christ that flowed for us…”

Such beautiful words from Pastor John Gordon as he prayed during our time at Genesis ministries last month. I had spoken on my song “Never Again” that night (many of you have heard that talk!) and there’s a line which says “every one of my sins is cast into the deepest sea”. The way John described that sea as the blood of Christ was deeply, deeply profound for me. I’ll be using that in my talk from now!

Our time at Genesis was very memorable. We were invited to be part of their “God Encounter” weekend in April, and we lead worship on the Friday and Sunday night. I was struck once again at how powerful music is. God just rocks up and works through each note and each word. What an honour to be part of the work He does.

A big thanks to Pastors John and Sharon Gordon for blessing us so much during our time at their church. It was lovely to be able to lead the congregation in worship and share some of our songs with you all.

Then suddenly it was Easter! Good Friday morning arrived and we awoke at the crack of dawn to set up our equipment at Heidelberg Methodist Church. After a slow drive through the mist we arrived and got ourselves set.

Good Friday has always been my favourite day to do what we do. Even though it’s a sombre day as we reflect on the tragedy of Jesus’ suffering and death, it is the day that people seem to connect most with Jesus, and the music can play a huge role in helping people do that. And this year it REALLY was a special service.

We started off with “Hammer No More” by Chronos, an amazing song about the man who nailed Jesus to the cross. We’re lucky enough to have recorded a cover of this song for our new album by the way. It is one of our favourites.

Then worship was deep and emotional. We did “The Wonderful Cross”, “Above All” and “Amazing Love”, which are truly appropriate for Good Friday. Lovely songs to reflect on. Awesome.

Our good friend Nadine then joined us for a special item – Nichole Nordeman’s “Why”. This is another incredible Good Friday song. Google it. You will be blown away!

Later on I played at the 3 hour service at Heidelberg, which was a beautiful experience. Six half-hour sessions, with a song for each session. I spoke on my song “Covered in Mercy” off our second album, which is our own Good Friday song. And 3 hours flew by, it hardly felt like an hour! Maybe that was because I was up and down the whole time, piano-pew-piano-pew. Still it was a wonderful service, one I’ll never forget.

Then came Sunday, and we went a little bit crazy in our celebrations at Boksburg Wesleyan Church! But hey, that’s what Sunday is all about, right? Celebrating that He rose from the grave, that He conquered death, that HE IS ALIVE! And so we raised the roof.

But the highlight of our year so far must surely be the New Beginnings fundraiser on Sat 3 May. We were at the Boksburg Wesleyan again, and at 2 o clock, our starting time, there was hardly a person there. And so we waited a little while, and by 2:30 the hall was nice and full, and the music begun with a resounding crash!

It was an absolute party. Everybody just got up and started dancing and waving their hands and going crazy! It was one of those where you could really just feel the whole of heaven going ballistic. God’s not dead, people. Oh no, He is alive!

We played all our usual favourites, including a real fun “Sinner’s Blues” with some great dancing by the youth. We also played our new song “Walking With The King” for the first time, and it was a smash. Watch out for that one on the new album!

Best of all was “Ons Koning Kom”, the Juanita Du Plessis classic. I have no idea why we don’t play this one more often. It should be a standard at any South African church!

Most importantly, over R4000 was raised for the youth at New Beginnings Care Centre in Boksburg. Awesome, awesome, awesome. That’s what it’s all about!

On Sunday we’re off to Nigel Methodist, which is gonna be great. Then we’re at Emseni again at the end of the month, and we have a busy June with dates at Kempton Park, Benoni Central, Selcourt, and Witfield Methodist churches.

luke cd - just a manPLUS the new album is moving along nicely – we’re basically 8 songs down. If all goes as planned it’ll be out in July or August. And we are SO excited – this is undoubtedly our best album yet. Watch this space. You don’t wanna miss this one!

Keep your eyes on Jesus, people. He is the Truth!