It’s winter time, and we’re all coughing and spluttering along trying our best to stay healthy. What a strange year for us, with so much sickness going around.

But even so, we’ve had a great few months of music. The fact that we get to do what we do – travel around from church to church to share the Gospel through our music – well we’re grateful. We’re grateful that God has chosen us to do this work, because Sunday after Sunday we just say to each other “Wow!  God is doing amazing things here.” What a privilege to be part of it.

Our Walking With the King album is something we’re so excited about. These songs, ah they just bring people face to face with Jesus in a beautiful way. In April we were at Boksburg Baptist, which is just down the road for us, and I remember looking up during “You Walked a Mile in My Shoes” and seeing a man in his forties, quietly looking at the words, tears streaming down his face. And again I remembered, this is what we’re about. Not fame, not money, not glory… but people. People coming to know the incredible overwhelming love of Jesus.

We also spent a bit of time in Randburg – firstly at Randburg Methodist Church, where even the oldies at the early service where tapping their feet and lifting their hands, and then at Trinity Linden, where we played songs from our Rock of Ages album and I gave the “Never Again” talk. Great places, great people, we felt so at home at both churches. Thanks to all who helped us set up in the cold on those dates!

On 14 June we stopped off at out friends at Genesis Family Church in Kempton Park which was once again a powerful morning of praise. Pastor John has long been someone I look up to – from way back when we served on Chrysalis together – and being at Genesis leading worship at his church is always a special occasion. Once again “Hammer No More” and “Walked a Mile” had everyone emotional, as God’s glory just swept through and touched the congregation. Wonderful stuff.

A new experience for us was playing at the Active Disciples Big “B” Rally – a Christian Bikers event. Now this was different from our usual cozy Sunday morning services. Motorbikes scattered, tattoos and leather jackets everywhere – what a great time we had! We played as much rock n roll as we could really, from our revisited version of Rock of Ages (which I’m still sure has Augustus Toplady rolling in his grave) through to our Bob Seger inspired “Walking With the King” and all sorts of fun stuff in between. What an honour to be part of such an event, and we’re chuffed to have been invited back (and to receive out honorary memberships to the Christian Bikers Association). Thank you Leon for inviting us!

On 28 June we visited Nigel Methodist, where our friend Elize Goddess in minister, and played songs from our “A New Beginning” album, as well as share the message behind the song “Love of Jesus”. We’ll be doing more of this in 2016, once you’ve all heard the songs from “Walking With the King”!

And in other news, on 4 July I got married! I am blessed.











Thanks for the support everyone!

Keep walking with the King.